Orbis Tertius

Orbis Tertius

Director: Matteo Graziano
Orbis Tertius was an experimental and interactive sound/theatre piece, performed over three days in The Aufbauhaus, Berlin, July 2014. With the collaboration of various Berlin based designer I created extravagant and oniric charachters inhabiting the world of Orbis Tertius. It is one of the most rewarding works I have done.

Lakino 2013 official trailer-300

Lakino 2013 official trailer

Director: Jose Luis Urriago Novoa
The Latin american Film Festival Lakino promotes shorts and feature films from the southern ‘cone’ ( el cono sur). The idea was to have a berlin character and a latin one, and kilos of icecream! The wardrobe for the girl is a ‘berlin’ urban look and for the guy a more latino ‘macho’ look. The bast part was pouring the ice cream on them! Being part of this project was very nice.

'Encuentro' a short film by Greg Serehbouh-300

‘Encuentro’ a short film by Greg Serehbouh

Director: Greg Serenbouh
I met Greg while I was living in Buenos Aires, and he asked me if I would like to do the wardrobe for a short film he had written. I found the story and the themes it was touching very interesting. The main characters Hombre A and Hombre B are very different from each other as far as the wardrobe is concerned. One is your typical businessman while the other is a ‘ flamboyant, effeminate and extravagant Afro-Carribean tourist’ (in the words of Greg).

'Soy Hodida' by Enviada-300

‘Soy Hodida’ by Enviada

Director: Veronica Mengoli
I met Veronica in Buenos Aires and we became good friends, and worked together whenever possible. She’s a great director and I always have fun doing the styling on her videos. For the Enviada video, the inspiration was Bettie Page and the Pin-up look of the 50’s, what more could I wish for!!! The lead singer is wearing some original vintage clothes that belonged to my mother and grandmother,mixed with some Rosse da Matti pieces and thrift markets finds.

'Vendrà' by Las Nenas

‘Vendrà’ by Las Nenas

Director: Veronica Mengoli
Another of Veronica’s video I had the pleasure of doing the styling for. The inspiration was the exploitation movies of the 70’s.

Fiesta by Presi Per Caso -300

‘Fiesta’ by Presi Per Caso

Director:Roberto Orazi
This was a fun video to do. The band ‘Presi Per Caso'( Caught by chance) was formed in the roman prison of Rebibia. In this video the lead singer is dreaming of stealing a Ford ‘Fiesta’ with leopard print seats ( which I did the cover for) to go and meet his girlfriend, he is followed by his conscience, in the form of two angels. The idea of them wearing identical white tracksuits is a ‘homage’ to the fantastic costumes of the ‘The Royal Tennenbaums’.

jimmy planet-300

Promo for ‘Jimmy live’ for Sky

Director: Graziano Conversano
Agency : SAATCHI&SAATCHI Rome Production: Central Groucho.
For this promo the wardrobe had to have a retro look, and each character was to be different and a bit weird in a nerdy kind of way. I enjoyed this job very much, its the kind of styling I like to do.

'Dragostea din tei' by Haiducii -300

‘Dragostea din tei’ by Haiducii

Director:The Mob
Video for the 2004 summer hit. The wardrobe has the typical sexy style for this kind of video.