Rosse da Matti

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‘Rosse da Matti’ was born from the friendship and creative drive of Benedetta Baiocchi, Emanuela Rota and Rossella Stumpo. In 1991 the three fashion designers, after having completed their studies at the I.E.D in Rome, designed their first collection.The idea was to make semi-seclusive collections, each piece was made in maximum 30 examples, in an informal style with a sartorial finish, and a focus on details. The collections included also knitwear, swimwear and accessories. Soon followed various collaborations with well known roman brands like MBC Workshop and Bloomingirl, and the Club Valtur resorts. The RdM collections were distributed in shops in Rome and Lazio. In October 1997 the three fashion designers opened their flagship store in the center of Rome, pushed by the desire to freely express their creativity. With the help of an architect friend they renovated the space, reflecting the RdM spirit with bright colors and minimalistic design. In the atelier/boutique the client could follow the creative process, from pattern to prototype to finished product. Fashion shows and events were organized to present the collections. In 2000 the three fashion designer decided it was time to go their separate ways and closed RdM, but they are still good friends.

Photos by: Alessio Lonati, Livia Mucchi, Marco Di Marco, Keito Canestrini, Larry Russo.

  • Date: 1991-2000
  • Client: Rosse da Matti
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